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Zip'r PC 12V/35Ah 320W Mid-Wheel Electric Wheelchair ZIP07

$3,199.98 $1,599.99
You Save: $1,599.99 (50% Off)
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Merits Health Vision Ultra 12V 200W Mid-Wheel Electric Wheelchair P325

$8,007.00 $3,529.93
You Save: $4,477.07 (56% Off)
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Merits Health Vision Super 12V/60Ah 300W Mid-Wheel Electric Wheelchair P327

$9,969.00 $4,278.93
You Save: $5,690.07 (57% Off)
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Merits Health Vision Sport 12V 160W Mid-Wheel Electric Wheelchair P326A

$7,637.00 $2,866.53
You Save: $4,770.47 (62% Off)
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Shoprider XLR Plus 12V/50Ah Standard Mid-Wheel Electric Wheelchair 858WM

$5,595.00 $4,629.00
You Save: $966.00 (17% Off)
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Shoprider 6Runner 10 12V/35Ah Standard Mid-Wheel Electric Wheelchair 888WNLM

$9,180.00 $4,589.00
You Save: $4,591.00 (50% Off)
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Don’t You Want The Best Mid Wheel Power Wheelchair Today?

Moving around is part of our daily routines. However, for you and other people with medical conditions, performing mobility tasks is pretty challenging. Today, you could move around and be agile without any assistance from other people ─ with the help of a mid-wheel power wheelchair.

A mid-wheel power wheelchair, also called as center drive electric wheelchair, is part of the variations of the power wheelchairs. The main drive of the middle wheel motorized wheelchair is located at the center of the framing structure of the power wheelchair, midway between the front wheels and rear wheels. The center drive power wheelchair is excellent for elders and people with health conditions who need to travel decent distances and have a grasp for moving ─ in the park, in the mall, or anywhere you want to go.

The mid wheel electric wheelchair is one of the cutting-edge technology developed to aid as a supporting transportation device for the elderly and people with disabilities. The middle wheel drive motorized wheelchair is a cross between the front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive, gaining all beneficial features. 

But What Makes A Mid Wheel Power Wheelchair Different From Others?

All drive types of power wheelchairs consist of two leading wheels, driven either forward or backward, which will depend on you wherever direction you want to go. The mid wheel power wheelchair can be easily pushed forwards or backward, with minimal space to turn around.

Choosing a mid wheel electric wheelchair will not only help you to move around but also provide you a sense of freedom and independence. You would be delighted with your daily routines as you fulfill them with ease. To further help you choose the best-fit mid wheel motorized wheelchair, we listed down some traits you need to look at when selecting a mid wheel power wheelchair.

  • Great For Sharp Turns

The middle wheel electric wheelchair is known for the built-in driving experience and small turning radius. The intuitive driving experience you could feel is due to the position of the drive wheel, which is commonly midway between the front and rear wheels. Since the mid wheel electric wheelchair has a small, 360-degree turning radius, you could easily maneuver through sharp corners and tight spaces. In a typical mid wheel power wheelchair, the user sits directly over the driving wheels, which the seat can turn around. Since the mid wheel electric wheelchair requires less turning radius, you can quickly drive the mid wheel electric wheelchair in tight spaces and corners.

  • Comfortable, Reliable And Stable

Another great feature of the mid wheel motorized wheelchair is the comfort you would feel while driving. Most models of the mid-wheel electric wheelchairs have a soft, cushion seat that you would love. Some models of the middle wheel motorized wheelchair have a faux leather seat, which is wide enough for your seating accommodation.

The mid wheel power wheelchair is also reliable and stable, which is excellent for daily use. Most variation of the middle wheel electric wheelchair has six wheels, two main driven wheels, and four supporting wheels. The placement of the supporting wheels on both ends of the mid-wheel power wheelchair, two at the front and two at the rear end, makes itself stable and safe. Also, the caster wheels help in preventing accidents such as tipping over, which is excellent for people who live all by themselves. 

Another one is the safety and security the mid wheel electric wheelchair can provide. The mid wheel motorized wheelchair is equipped with different safety devices such as clip lights, handrails along with the seat, and much more. Also, the mid-wheel power wheelchair can run over smooth to uneven footpaths. You could drive indoors or outdoors, through grassy paths and semi-rugged walkways ─ whether going up or going down, over through ramps and inclines.

  • Made for Indoors and Outdoors

One of the prime selling points of the mid wheel electric wheelchair is being able to run through indoors and outdoors. Most models of the mid wheel motorized wheelchair are designed to run indoors ─ in tiles, linoleum, laminated woods, and other smooth surfaces, but also run over semi-rugged places ─ concrete, short grass paths, semi- rocky walkways. Just be sure to check the specifications of the chosen mid wheel drive power wheelchair so you could avoid mistakes.

  • Great For Daily Travels

The mid wheel power wheelchair can run long and last long for everyday use. Most models of the mid wheel electric wheelchair have a speed limit ranging from 4 miles per hour up to 6 miles per hour maximum. Another notable point of the mid wheel motorized wheelchair is the travel distance, which ranges from 12 miles, while some models can go longer to 25 miles, in just a single charge. 

  • Affordable At Its Best

Many models of the mid wheel drive motorized wheelchair are accessible and inexpensive, which is excellent for people with a tight budget. The added features and devices make the pricing reasonable enough, so purchasing one is worry-free. Depending on the manufacturer, some models have freebies, such as a saddlebag, cane or umbrella holder, power wheelchair cover, and many more.

  • Easy To Transport

One of the most common queries we always receive is the transportability of the mid wheel power wheelchair. And, yes, the mid wheel electric wheelchair is highly portable. Some models are either foldable or detachable, making it easier to store and carry. The foldable type of the mid wheel drive wheelchairs is also compact, which is great for small storage areas like car trunks and closets. At the same time, the detachable type is excellent for people who need a lightweight transportation device. Either of these, any mid wheel power wheelchairs are great for daily use and transport.

  • Safety and security

Almost all of the models of mid-sized electric wheelchair are guaranteed safe and secure to drive. Many types of mid-sized motorized wheelchairs have the same features as the portable types and heavy-duty power wheelchairs - having the best of both worlds. The addition of different devices makes the mid-sized power wheelchairs secure and safe. For instance, the full-suspension for the wheels aids in moving through uneven terrains, clip lights for dark areas, and turnable cushion seats with handrails for your comfort and security is an excellent addition to the electric wheelchair itself.

What are the drawbacks of the mid wheel power wheelchair?

One of the downsides of the mid wheel electric wheelchair is the swiveling caster wheels. Some of the mid wheel driven wheelchairs have supporting caster wheels, making the ride more challenging than other drive systems. Also, most models of the mid size electric wheelchair do not have an independent suspension system, which is found on both rear wheel drives and front-wheel drives.  Most models with caster wheels have a suspension system, which is added for passing through uneven terrains. The suspension is connected to the two wheels, which makes you feel like tipping over when going through ramps and inclines. Another one of the drawbacks is the controllability when speeding up. Some models of the mid wheel drive power wheelchair can be challenging to control when reaching top speeds, so you must be careful when using the mid wheel power wheelchair. 

If you are planning to purchase a mid-wheel electric wheelchair, you should consider the properties you need and prefer. Choosing a right-fit mid wheel motorized wheelchair requires a lot of thinking and attention to detail. Purchasing the best mid-wheel electric wheelchair would be a significant investment to your daily routines, providing happiness and contentment to you and all the people around you. We are hoping that you narrow down your list with the aid of this article.

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