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Electric Skateboard Buying Guide


Electric skateboards have gained the spotlight in recent years, not just because they're trendy, but also because it offers users the best combination of thrill and fun in every ride. The problem is that there are so many varieties of electric skateboards, and choosing which one suits you best can be tricky.

To address this problem, we've created this electric skateboard buying guide that will make your life easier in choosing the perfect e-skateboard for you. We'll also be giving you our selection of the best electric skateboards, so you won't have to go through each selection one by one.

To start, let's cover the basics...

What is an Electric Skateboard?

A skateboard is used with one foot laying flat on the board while the other kicks the floor to get it moving. An electric skateboard, on the other hand, works even without kicking the surface. The secret is that it comes with electric components including an electric motor, battery, and remote control where the rider can easily manage the speed and power when accelerating.

In essence, an electric skateboard removes all the hassle of manual effort and at the same time enables you to cruise at high speeds, allowing for better fun and excitement. What this essentially means is that you can glide your way through the streets without being all sweaty. Typically, electric boards come with a speed of at least 15 mph while there are powerful boards that come with a top speed of 28 mph, giving you an ultimate ride.

So, if you're looking to get an awesome board, perhaps it's the right time to upgrade your traditional skateboard into a premium electric skateboard for a great and thrilling experience without sacrificing a very comfortable ride.

Still not convinced? Here are the top reasons why you should get a brand new electric skateboard.

Advantages of Buying an Electric Skateboard

Avoids traffic jams

When you ride an electric skateboard, you're able to be mobile and travel efficiently from one point to another without worrying about traffic. That's pretty much because you can just squeeze yourself into tiny alleyways where no cars can pass through. The best part is that you can pass through pedestrian walkways - the only traffic that you should avoid is the pedestrian traffic!

Allows an effortless yet thrilling ride

The main difference between any electric-powered skateboard is that you can control its movements through the remote control, so you won't have to rely much on your physical effort. What this means is that you can reach top speed without continuously pumping down the streets. Instead, you can easily hit top speed by combining the power of the electric motor and your physical effort - and maintain speed without much effort.

Saves money from gas and parking expenses

If you want to move on to the more practical side of things, then an electric skateboard is a sure way to save money. With this micro-mobility gadget, you can go around the city without worrying about fuel expenses and parking tickets since these boards are electric-powered and extremely portable. Plus, these boards do not require heavy maintenance, so you can also add that to your savings!

Helps save the environment

The problem with many people nowadays is that they always think of purchasing a car when comes to being mobile - and we all know that such an option is not only impractical but also not environment-friendly. With an electric skateboard, you won't have to worry about causing damage to the environment since it's electric-powered, which means that it does not emit any carbon emissions. With an e-skateboard, you get to enjoy adventures, guilt-free!

Provides an intelligent riding experience

What's great with a high-performance electric skateboard is that it comes with a performance-inspired design and build quality that makes electric skateboarding a lot easier and more manageable. With this micro-mobility gadget, you can manage everything through the controller including the max speed, acceleration, and downhill assist among others. The best part about it is that you can get the latest tech at an affordable price.

Parts of an Electric Skateboard

By now, it's not enough that you know the basics of an electric skateboard - you should also have a good understanding of what comprises a powerful electric skateboard or what makes up a good quality board. We've listed below the key components of a powerful board.


The best board should come with powerful motors. An electric motor is the heart of electric skateboarding - without it, then you only have a traditional skateboard. There are two kinds of electric motors - hub motors and belt motors. Most skateboards come with hub motors since they are more silent and tend to provide better range than a belt motor. Like an electric bike, the perfect electric skateboard comes with a high-performing motor that offers an excellent range, outstanding max speed, and top-notch features.


The battery is the second most important electronic component of an electric skateboard. Why? Because since it's electric, it doesn't run on fuel but by battery. The battery is what fuels the board - it's what keeps it running. However, the downside of this is that your electric board can only run up to the extent of its battery capacity. That's exactly why it's important to invest in a good battery since it will define your board's power and performance.


All the electronic components of an e-skateboard are controlled through the remote control. This remote control is connected through Bluetooth, which sends a signal to the main board. It's where you can control the board's movement whether you want to accelerate or hit the brakes. Of course, the direction of the board will still depend on your body movements, since you'll need to balance your body towards the direction you're going.


We already mentioned that the electric motor is the heart of your board, but what about its brains? Well, that's where the ESC comes in. The ESC is the main control system of your board. It's connected to the motor and battery through Bluetooth, so it's overlooking all possible commands that you'll enter. To visualize it, when you click a command in the controller, say you want to accelerate, the remote sends a signal to the ESC, which it receives through its Bluetooth receiver. The ESC then commands the battery to release sufficient power so the motor can accelerate.


The deck is the biggest part of the skateboard since it's the platform where the user will stand on. Generally, electric boards are made of wood including canadian maple, while there are those models made up of fiber glass or carbon. The deck is the most determinative part of the board since it's shape will normally determine its kind and capability.


Trucks are the axis of an electric board. It's an essential component on any skateboard since it's the one that enables riders to make turns. There are standard kingpin trucks and double kingpin trucks. The standard kingpong trucks are generally more rigid while the double kingpin trucks offer a more flawless riding mode when making turns.

How much is an Electric Skateboard?

The answer to this question will vary depending on the type of electric-powered skateboard you're getting. You can get a budget electric skateboard to uplift your boring commute, It will really depend on your needs and your lifestyle.

In this buying guide, we'll look into six kinds of the electric skateboards - all terrain electric skateboards, dirt electric skateboards, electric skateboards for kids, electric longboards, off-road electric skateboards, and street electric skateboards.

All terrain electric skateboards, and Dirt electric skateboards, which come with all terrain wheels.However, take note that the price will highly depend on the features, motor, and battery capacity that come with the board.

If you're looking for an affordable yet awesome board but you're skeptical about getting a budget electric skateboard, don't worry because you can find the best budget electric skateboard here at Electric Bike Paradise. You'll also find electric skateboards that offer great performance made by reputable brands in this shop, so make sure to read on!

How to Choose the Best Electric Skateboards

When choosing the best electric skateboard, you have to pick a powerful board that can offer a comfortable ride and can fit your budget. Finding the best electric skateboard is easy if you can pinpoint which among the selection is made by a reputable brand. But if not, then you have to be well-knowledgeable in choosing the best one that can offer you an ultimate ride.

Most electric skateboard manufacturers claim to offer the best electric skateboards. In fact, the electric skateboard industry is bombarded with lots of "bests"". There are guides that offer the best budget electric skateboard, cheap electric skateboard, high-performance electric skateboard, fastest off-road electric skateboard, and basically just any high-performing electric skateboard.

So, how do you really know which one is the best? The answer highly depends on one's needs and lifestyle. Still confused? That's perfectly fine! To help you decide amongst all available many options in the market, these are the top factors that you should consider before hitting that purchase button.

What will you use it for?

First question that you should answer is - what will be the purpose of your electric skateboard? Does it have to be fully reliable for daily commuting? Do you need it to be durable and withstand off-road riding? Or are you simply looking for a new hobby to try out? These questions will greatly define the kind of electric board that you should buy.

Usully, electric longboards are designed for smooth pavements and surfaces - this can be the perfect option for city dwellers who are in need of efficient mobility. If you live in the suburbs and you normally pass through bumpy streets or off road tracks, then you should invest in an all terrain electric skateboard.

Is it convenient to use?

An electric skateboard should be convenient to use. A skateboard should be something that you can ride on whenever, wherever, allowing you great flexibility and control over your travel time. However, this kind of convenience is only possible if your electric skateboard will come in handy.

We don't mean that your chosen board should be the lightest board. However, we recommend that you should choose an electric skateboard that's not too bulky and heavy, so you can still carry it wherever you want to go, especially on the bus or in the subway. The caveat here is that you need to be careful when choosing because you want to make sure that your board can carry your full weight including your everyday bag and essentials.

How fast and how far does it run?

The best micro-mobility gadget should also offer outstanding top speed and range. While an electric skateboard may be compact, you'll be surprised with the features and capabilities that it offers, which are highly beneficial for all your travels.

The maximum speed should be one of your top considerations when choosing since it will define the efficiency of your rides. The best electric skateboard should also offer a considerable travel range, allowing you to go to farther places. With an electric skateboard or as with any other gadget, you should look for a model that comes with a performance inspired design, so you'll get the most of your money. The general rule is - the higher the top speed and travel range, the better.

Is it made of high-quality materials?

Your electric skateboard's build quality will heavily affect your riding style. Since your electric board will be driven around the streets, it'll certainly experience a lot of beating, especially on bumpy roads and uneven trails. Because of this, you should make sure to check the kind of components that make up your board, most electric boards come with wooden decks, which are preferred when talking about durability.

Is the deck stable for a great ride?

When it comes to the deck of an electric skateboard, there are several options, the most common being wood, then you have fiberglass, and carbon. You'll mostly find electric skateboards with wooden decks since they tend to be puncture-proof and are more stable as compared to those made of fiberglass.

Aside from the composition of the deck, you'll also have to look into its shape and form. Electric longboards are the most common boards in the market since they are beginner-friendly. There are also shortboards and cruisers, which seem to be the better option for those who are more advanced in riding a skateboard. If you'll be riding on rough terrain, then it's essential that the deck is extra grippy, for better stability and safety.

What else does it offer?

Electric skateboards are supposed to be cool and fun! What does this mean? It means that it should come with all the coolest and latest tech! A good-quality electric skateboard shall not only provide you with great performance but also cool features that will make your riding experience extra functional and convenient. For one, there are electric skateboards that come with led lights, safety features, speed modes, swappable wheels, and a regenerative braking system, which charges the battery whenever you hit the brakes.

Kinds of Electric Skateboard

All Terrain Electric Skateboards

An All-Terrain Electric Skateboard is perfect for those who are looking for a reliable electric-powered skateboard all year round. It's also a good choice for those who live near the beach and in the countryside where the pathways can be sandy, muddy, and rugged. From the name itself, you should already know what it's capable of - riding on any kind of terrain including mud, snow, and sand.

This capability is what sets it apart from the others because skateboards are mostly designed for smooth and paved surfaces. With an all-terrain electric skateboard, you can effortlessly pass through any kind of terrain.

Best All Terrain Electric Skateboard

WowGo AT2 All Terrain Electric Skateboard

The WowGo Electric Skateboard prides itself as an all-terrain electric skateboard, providing its users with utmost comfort and the best riding experience. This electric skateboard comes with pneumatic wheels, perfect for any kind of terrain, and coupled with double kingpin trucks for maximum stability. It's made of fiberglass, bamboo, and a Canadian maple deck for ultimate durability and grip. Yes, it's true - you get all these features in one electric skateboard.

As for its performance, there are 4 speed modes to choose from – Slow, Normal, Fast, and Turbo. It’s equipped with two 1,500-watt motors that offer excellent dynamic balance so won’t have to worry about the noise when riding it. In terms of range and capacity, this beast can travel for up to 22 miles, boasts a hill-climbing capacity of 30%, and boasts a top speed of 25 mph.

Dirt Electric Skateboards

When it comes to off-road adventures, an electric skateboard can also ride side by side with other mobility gadgets like electric scooters. If you're into off-road adventures, then you should consider getting a dirt electric skateboard. Dirt Electric Skateboards are designed to take on rugged, muddy, rocky, and uneven trails which a typical skateboard cannot normally pass through .

With this electric skateboard, you can go on off-road adventures since it's capable of providing its users with utmost stability and safety - all while allowing you to have fun with your peers. Dirt Electric Skateboards are equipped with bigger wheels and designed to have a better grip. They can ride on almost all kinds of surfaces including grasslands, sand, rocky roads, forest trails, or any rough terrain.

Best Dirt Electric Skateboard

MotoTec Dual Motor 36V/14Ah 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard MT-SKT-1600

If you’re looking for a stylish yet powerful electric board that comes with the power of a mini-monster truck, then this MotoTec Dual Motor Dirt Electric Skateboard should be your first choice. With this MotoTec dirt board, you get a dual motor set up with 800-watt electric motors to give you a powerful boost. As for its deck, it’s made of 12-ply maple wood, which makes your board more stable.

In terms of performance, you'll be surprised to know that it can instantly accelerate from 0 mph to 15 mph in only 3.5 seconds! Plus, it boasts a top speed of 22 mph and a range of 10 miles, so you won’t have to worry about getting late and being left behind by your peers! This sleek-looking board is capable of carrying up to 250 lbs. of weight. This unit comes with air-filled dirt tires, so you can be certain that its grip is totally secure. You can also enjoy your trips more with its safety features such as adjustable speed settings, auto power shutoff, and an anti-lock braking system.

Electric Skateboards for Kids

Truth be told, skateboarding is a fun sport and activity, which we all should try at least once in our lives. If you agree with me on this, then buying an electric skateboard for your kid should seem like a great idea. And if that's the case, we have just the right item for you! Our electric skateboard for kids here at Electric Bike Paradise is packed with safety features to ensure the safety of your child.

Best Electric Skateboard for Kids

Backfire Mini 50.4V 450W Super Portable Electric Skateboard BMINI

When it comes to strength and stability, this Backfire mini will certainly not backfire! It's a portable electric skateboard that's packed with so much power and capabilities. It comes with 2 450-watt hub motors that allow it to reach 26 mph at top speed. It's very flexible to use in that it comes with three riding modes - eco mode, sport mode, and turbo mode depending on your mood.

You'll be amazed by its carbon fiber deck that makes it extremely light and portable, also while making sure it's still very grippy. With all of these capabilities and features, your kid will certainly have a great time riding this monster board!

Longboard Electric Skateboards

For those who prefer a classic build, you should consider getting a longboard electric skateboard. An electric longboard makes you feel as if you're just surfing on the waves - the only difference is that you're on a pavement. In terms of build, its frame is perfect for beginners who are looking for a more stable and smoother ride that's easy to balance.

The main reason why electric longboards are leading the market is that they're beginner-friendly, in a way that allows you to enjoy skateboarding without much difficulty. Its frame is easier to navigate when passing through bumpy surfaces like potholes and road cracks. So, if you’re a beginner who wants to get started in riding an electric skateboard, then you should certainly go for the stability, comfort, and smoothness that a longboard can provide.

Best Longboard Electric Skateboard

Atom B10X 42V/2.5Ah 1000W All-Terrain Longboard Electric Skateboard 40410

If you're looking for an affordable yet reliable electric skateboard, then you should certainly get this Atom Longboard. This electric longboard boasts a wooden maple and bamboo deck that's powered by a 1000-watt brushless DC motor that provides its users with the ultimate boost, perfect for cruising the streets.

In terms of performance, it has a range of 7 miles and can go as fast as 15 mph. It can carry up to 275-lbs. of weight. Now don't get me wrong as this longboard is still a powerful board if you'll take into consideration its price. It's basically one of the best electric skateboards that you can find in terms of affordability!

Off-road Electric Skateboards

When it comes to riding on different kinds of surfaces, an off-road electric skateboard is also a good choice. Off-road electric skateboards are somewhat similar to all-terrain skateboards in the sense that they can pass through different kinds of surfaces/terrain.

As for the build, off-road electric skateboards usually come in the shape of a longboard but are equipped with rubber tires designed to be extra grippy, so you can use them on challenging surfaces including sandy, muddy, rocky, and of course, on the streets. It's the perfect choice for those who are looking for an e-board that they can use anywhere.

Best Off-Road Electric Skateboard

Raldey MT-V3S 36V/14Ah 900W Off Road Electric Skateboard

Another monster-like electric skateboard is the Raldey Off-road skateboard. This off-road electric skateboard is powered by a 900-watt motor, so you can be sure that every ride will be a thrilling and fun experience! Stay still on its deck made of Canadian maple as you make sharp and smooth turns with its double kingpin trucks.

As for its performance, it can cruise as fast as 29 mph and can run as far as 20 miles on a single charge! It's like having the capability of an electric bike on an electric skateboard! Heavyweight users will also have fun riding it as it comes with a maximum carrying capacity of 240-lbs. The Raldey Off-road skateboard comes with thick rubber wheels for better shock absorption, a high-strength wheel hub that is impact-resistant, and high-power hub motors, so you can easily cruise your way through any surface without any fuss.

Street Electric Skateboards

If you're a city dweller, the perfect choice should be the street electric skateboard. When it comes to cruising the streets smoothly and effortlessly, this electric skateboard is certainly the best choice. But other than that, there are so many other reasons why you should get a street electric skateboard. Street electric skateboards are usually faster as compared to other kinds of skateboards. They're also lighter and more portable which allows you to just carry them with you wherever you go. It's basically the perfect choice if you're looking for an electric skateboard that offers outstanding speed and portability.

Best Street Electric Skateboard

Skatebolt Tornado Pro A 36V/7.5Ah 350W Street Electric Skateboard A1

If you’re planning of cruising your way through the streets fast, then this Skatebolt Tornado should be your first choice. This electric skateboard boasts a rummaging speed of up to 17.4 mph and has a maximum range of 25 miles. It boasts a powerful dual 350-watt motor so that you can be sure of its reliability, that’s more than enough for the entire day.

In terms of its design and built, you get 8 layers of maple for its deck, which gives the user extra stability and grip. It also comes with swappable wheels for better flexibility and a dual motor for a powerful boost.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric skateboards worth it?

A hundred percent YES! If you're into adventures yet want to lower your carbon footprint, then electric skateboarding is a great way to jumpstart your sustainable lifestyle. Not only does it offer the utmost convenience and functionality, but it also allows you to have more fun outdoors. With an electric skateboard, you'll always get your daily dose of serotonin boost, while living a more active lifestyle!

What is a good electric skateboard?

A good electric skateboard differs depending on the rider. While one may look at a dirt electric skateboard as being the best electric skateboard, another may prefer having a longboard. However, to answer this question, it's important to go through the guide, which we've enumerated above - this includes the purpose, convenience, capabilities, and all other features that it offers. But as to reputation, you can find really good electric skateboards from brands like MotoTec, Raldey, WowGo, Atom, Backfire, Maxfind, and Exway among others.

How much is an electric skateboard?

Electric Skateboards have relatively the same price as electric scooters.The price of course heavily depends on the brand, features, and capabilities. Longboards are usually more affordable as compared to all-terrain electric skateboards, which come with bigger wheels and better capabilities for off-roading.

How reliable are electric skateboards?

Electric skateboards are highly reliable for an everyday ride if you'll use them for commuting. It somewhat works the same way as an electric scooter but only without the handlebar or throttle. This means that, just like an electric scooter, an electric skateboard also allows you to move to different places conveniently by simply relying on its driving range. Most electric boards also offer outstanding speeds, allowing you to reach your destination faster.

How much power is needed for an electric skateboard?

Most low-end models of electric skateboards come with up to a 350-watt motor, which is already sufficient for an average rider. If you're looking for a reliable everyday ride, then you should opt to get a unit with at least a 450-watt motor, which should already be enough for your daily activities. However, if you're interested in getting a higher-end model for outdoor and off-road adventures, then you should get an electric skateboard that comes with at least an 800-watt motor, or even a 1,000-watt motor.

Getting Your Own Electric Skateboard

Before making that purchase, let our customer specialists guide you through your shopping. Our team is highly knowledgeable about the products and is equipped with the right skills to advise you on the right choice that will fit your needs and preferences to ensure that you get the most out of your money.

If you didn't find the best electric skateboard for you, then make sure to check out all other models of electric skateboards here at Electric Bike Paradise. To make your life easier, make sure to check out these categories:

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