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Backfire G2 41V 400W Black Electric Skateboard BG2

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Backfire G2 41V 400W Black Electric Skateboard BG2

The Smallest Details Make A World Of Difference

The new 2020 Gen-2 G2 Black's deck is widened and lengthened, providing a more comfortable riding experience

Hobbywing LCD Remote Controller

Speed, Range, Battery, all the states you need at a glance

Air-Tight ABS Plastic Sealed Lithium Battery 11MI Range

The battery is fully sealed by ABS plastic which is water-resistance and dust-resistant. It has a high voltage and high discharge allowing up to 11-12.5mi on a single charge.

Sealed Water-Resistant Electronic Speed Controller

The ESC housing now features enhanced water resistance. The Hobbywing 10S ESC has reliable controls with smooth acceleration and braking.

18650 Lithium-Ion Battery
18km/11MI Of Range

The 10S2P li-ion battery pack is made of high-quality cells with 41V high voltage and high discharge power. Efficiently using the battery consumption with up to 18km/11mi of range on a single charge.

Hobbywing 10S Electronic Speed Controller With Precise Control And Smooth Acceleration

The high-quality reliable 10S ESC made by Hobbywing provides smooth acceleration and braking. The ESC casing provides some water resistance and dust resistance.

400W*2 Powerful Hobbywing Motors
Experience The Thrill Of Riding

Features the brand new Gen 3 Hobbywing motors now with 10% more torque, 20 less noise, and 5% more energy efficient when compared to previous motors on the previous G2 Black.

96mm Large Urethane Wheels

Experience a smooth ride with the 96mm wheels, they provide a quality riding experience being maneuverable and comfortable. Combined with the flexy deck these make your commute extremely comfortable.

New LCD Remote
All The Information You Need At A Glance

The Latest Hobbywing Lcd Remote Allows You To Check The Speed, Range, Battery, Etc At A Glance While Riding.
  • Eco Mode: Suitable for beginners, gentle acceleration and braking with a top speed of 12.5mph, also provides the best range.
  • Sport Mode: Ideal for high-speed riding, with powerful smooth acceleration and braking featuring a top speed of 24mph.
  • Reverse Gear: Press the function key (key closest to the screen) twice in succession, then select forward/backward. 


  • Range: 11-12.5miles / 18-20km (80kg rider on E and S mode average 30km/h speed on flat road)
  • Speed: 24mph / 38kph
  • Battery: 18650 42V 180Wh
  • Motors: 400W X2 Super High Power Hobbywing Motors
  • Deck: Maple
  • Wheels: 96mm Replaceable
  • Trucks: 7 inch MD Front truck, New Back Rear Truck.
  • Charging Time: 3.5 Hours

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Order a Backfire G2 41V 400W Black Electric Skateboard BG2 today from Free shipping + free gifts on all of our Backfire Electric Skateboards. Buy today and get a discount, free shipping, and a free gift! 

Backfire G2 41V 400W Black Electric Skateboard BG2

Backfire G2 41V 400W Black Electric Skateboard BG2

$429.00 $858.00
Backfire G2 41V 400W Black Electric Skateboard BG2

Backfire G2 41V 400W Black Electric Skateboard BG2

Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
$858.00 $429.00
You Save: $429.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
John L.
Great board - so fun!

We purchased this board for my daughter and she has loved it!! It’s easy to use and very sturdy! She instantly loved how robust it felt and it looked. The remote worked well - the board moves really well and she loves it. New favorite mode of transportation.

Jermaine E.
Rides smooth and good ride!

I'm 6'2" and 205lbs. I can go around the local lake 3.5 times which is very good considering my weight. Even with battery dry I can still kick turn and use naturally. Very good value on this skateboard.

Timothy M.
This thing is FAST!!!

I have been skating for around 30 years and now that my knees are getting worse, I figured I’d try an elective skateboard to cruise around town and to work, etc. I had to start on the slow setting to get used to it, but after a couple of weeks, I was going at full blast! This thing is so fun!!! I live in a pretty flat area of the US but grew up bombing hills. This board brings me back!

Michael L.
Great first electric board!

I’ve been riding this daily for over a week and have no complaints. It’s tons of fun and the battery life is very long. I’m pretty lightweight but I can go 4 miles up some steep hills and still be at 60% battery. I usually stick to the medium speed setting and use the high setting when going uphill. I would definitely learn to skateboard decently before buying one of these electric boards.

Randy S.

My first board and first time skating. fell a few times but now I'm good at it. I had this for bout 6 months but never had any problems, not one. Fantastic board. Best quality, top-notch!